Preparing for your FIRST visit

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EHR - We will need to get your email address, date of birth and due date to send you a email with a link to connect to our ClientCare EHR. Please take a few minutes to fill your information prior to your first appointment.

Your First prenatal visit

Depending on you previous experience with childbirth and homebirth, and the information that was discussed during the consult, the initial prenatal visit can easily take about an hour to an hour and a half. During this visit, we will review and sign some forms and consents, review your information in ClientCare, and perform a physical exam. Blood work and other tests may be done if indicated. And of course, we will listen to baby’s heart rate. 


routine prenatal visits

Each prenatal visit is focused on assessing how you are doing during the pregnancy but also to prepare you for a homebirth. We talk about healthy nutrition and supplements, exercises and family adjustments.

ANtenatal testing

NOB labs - To ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy, some baseline blood work will be done during your initial visit. We draw the blood in the office as a convenience to our clients but send the specimens out to our lab company. Ultrasounds are referred out.

Transferring in

If you are transferring care during pregnancy to My Mindful Birth, we will ask to get a copy of your prenatal record and use the information to avoid duplicating any test that was previously done by your previous provider. You can request a copy of your prenatal record from you previous provider and bring it to the office or fill out a Release of Information form when you can to your first first appointment.


Because of the nature of homebirth, when you establish care with a homebirth midwife, you are buying your “spot” instead of “getting billed for services”. We ask that you pay a deposit at each visit and the remaining balance in full by 36 weeks in order for us to attend a birth. Charges for baby and other items/services will be billed after you deliver and are due upon receipt.

Insurance billing

Benefits - do work with most health insurances and health share plans as an out-of-networker provider. Some insurance plans will give us a waiver to process some of the charges at the in-network level.

Claim submission — claims are submitted to your insurance after you deliver. Any payments received from the insurance are deducted from the total amount, the remaining balance is the client’s responsibility.