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Postpartum CARE

Our team remains with you for 2-3 hours following delivery, making sure that mom and baby are adjusting well. The new family is supported with bonding as a new unit, the new mother receive assistance with breastfeeding support, and has the opportunity to eat, drink and rest.

Before we leave, we make sure that all assessments are done and that the new parents receive information on what is normal and would prompt a phone call to the midwife. We also make a plan to follow up by phone at least once or twice until we return the next day for a postpartum visit. This first visit is typically done by 24-36 hours after delivery and a second visit is done by 36-84 hours. A final postpartum visit is done by 4-8 weeks postpartum with a focus on well women health and family planning. Our postpartum recovery visits are done at home.